its my BDAY… blog bday. a great ANNIVERSERY of fighting hard for the oppressed!

today, while washing, I discovered some white skin cells sprinkled upon my arms. as a vegan, i could not destroy them, so i kindly asked them to leave my PoC skin. the fury I felt as they consensually entered the water basin was indescribable

korra season 2 began… every day i sit down to a new episode… every day i take a screenshot and use the colr picker… every day she doesn’t get any closer to hre ideal shade… every day

:O :((

today is the thirteenth. you might think that it is Sunday. but have you ever considered. that sundaye idnetified as Friday?

No you didn’t…

*drawling spooky moan* shitlooord… *dissipating ghostly noises are heard, and shrieks, shadows of color draw in*

my pain is serious and enduring. it will enver leave my side

no one will ever eat the rela me inside… or sample my ingredients. the ppeproni…. the sausage…. the single anchov

my phantom cheese goes stale in sadness

my identity includes the light switch of my house. when someone else turns on the switch, does that constitute an inappropriate advance? please advis

~*~~*✧=~* friendly reminder *~=✧*~~*~ (✿◡∀◡)(◡‿◡✿)

its okay if you dont want to make the last couple wipes just be yoself! (◕‿◕✿)

the self-stuntin PoC get into goes deep. Many even own “heaters” and “air conditioners” for their homes. My people, you are not like the White. unlike them, you do not reflect the light. you absorb the light. go forth, under the sacred ancestral sun. absorb the emergy into your skin. bring the warmth to yo places yoself. ^__^

listen to me. when the hairs shed from my otherkin compatriots, do not simply “clean” them. gather them up and give them to them.

listesn to me. those humble hairs may be insiginificant to you, but they’re all my brothers got to create their true forms.

The White ppl are the most sinsiter plot of the conspirators who stride beneath our owrld. im chilled by their expanse of terror. brrrr… whoa. :O