smh at smh worthy hea, in dis world…



ordered a smoothie… and whaddya kno… its not the right one.

? can’t get my smoothie in the strets? gotta sit  back on this…

white ppl always be bitchin

let me tell you about white and black whitey

white, you know what it does? it reflects light. that means yo ass be chillin all the time, you have more energy to enslave my ppl nosayin

black ABSORBS light. yeah that’s right they it ABSORBS it. that means they be heating up all the time just from livin

black ppl are literally being cooked alive all the time and you cum to me with your WHITE TEARS?

UGH my bad dragon dildo just came and it cant fit into all my orifices!!!!

its my BDAY… blog bday. a great ANNIVERSERY of fighting hard for the oppressed!

today, while washing, I discovered some white skin cells sprinkled upon my arms. as a vegan, i could not destroy them, so i kindly asked them to leave my PoC skin. the fury I felt as they consensually entered the water basin was indescribable

korra season 2 began… every day i sit down to a new episode… every day i take a screenshot and use the colr picker… every day she doesn’t get any closer to hre ideal shade… every day

:O :((

today is the thirteenth. you might think that it is Sunday. but have you ever considered. that sundaye idnetified as Friday?

No you didn’t…

*drawling spooky moan* shitlooord… *dissipating ghostly noises are heard, and shrieks, shadows of color draw in*